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​Kokusaba takes the protection of your privacy seriously. Please review our Privacy Statement below.

  1. Kokusaba will never divulge the personal information of our customers or visitors to our website to any third party without prior consent from the customer or visitor.

  2. The only information obtained from visitors to our website is their IP address. This information will not be divulged or used to advance our business in any way.

  3. The only information Kokusaba will request from its customers is information that is necessary to provide the tutoring service they request from Kokusaba.

  4. The information obtained from our customers will only be used for one or more of the following purposes: communicating with them, identifying them in our secure, private company database, providing registered tutors with necessary contact information, calculating transportation costs, and sending registered tutors to the customer’s place of residence.

  5. Our customers have the right to refuse to provide part or all of the personal information that is requested by Kokusaba. However, Kokusaba may not be able to adequately provide its services in such circumstances.

  6. Registered tutors may share with Kokusaba basic information about students and their academic performance in order to improve the quality of our service.

  7. Kokusaba will never use the personal information of our customers for any purpose other than the aforementioned purposes, which will be specified again when requesting such information.

  8. Kokusaba will never run third-party ads that may be invasive to your privacy on its website.


Thank you for browsing our website and using our service.

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