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Kokusaba Hosts 2nd Annual Christmas Dinner to Celebrate Tutors - and this time it’s Personal

Kokusaba Christmas 2019 Group Photo

2019 for Kokusaba was a year of magical growth with new tutors, new friends, and new partners. With so much “new” happening, it was also a crucial time for us to reflect and crystalize our vision:

To unlock the potential of young, motivated learners and connect the world through the act of learning.”

Kokusaba stands for the unique and special personal learning connection between the company and our tutors, between our tutors and our students, and between our students and the world. The phrase “Learn from an expert. Learn with a friend” symbolizes our students’ place in this vision, with those words being emblazoned on boxes containing custom Kokusaba pens given to each tutor who participated.

Kokusaba pens and gifts

At this year’s Christmas party, we celebrated our 2nd anniversary. It was so important for us to share our progress and dreams with the whole Kokusaba team, so we did a recap of our 2019 stats, shared our plans and goals for 2020, and wrapped with a group discussion on points of improvement with our tutors. It was especially touching to hear some of the heartfelt thank-you messages written by our students’ families, read out by their tutors themselves.

It was such a pleasure to go around and reflect on the past year with each and every one of our tutors while feasting on some of our favorite Korean dishes (and marveling at the amount of cheese).

And of course, a Kokusaba Christmas Party would not be complete without our favorite parcel game. This time, we had some space to dance with a game of musical chairs as well! Congratulations to Tiara and Sam, the winners of the games!

Knowing that we have the most motivated, active, and bright-eyed tutors on board, I rest assured that Kokusaba is in good and capable hands. I am so excited to find out what the new year is going to bring for Kokusaba, our precious tutors, and our incredible students. We will continue to learn and grow to become a driving force behind young students in Japan blossoming into global citizens with boundless potential.

On behalf of Kokusaba’s management team, I would like to express my gratitude for all of the invaluable support we have enjoyed over the past two years. To our tutors who continue to be one-of-a-kind learning partners for our students; our students and their families who continue to learn and grow alongside us; and our educational and institutional partners who believe in our vision. It is thanks to you that we have achieved so much and can embrace the New Year dreaming for more. We are so truly blessed to have your love and support.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

With infinite waves of love,

Ishanaz Bahar

Founder & CEO

Kokusaba Learning Group



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