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No matter what your child needs help with, we can introduce a tutor with relevant personal experience and expertise to take on the challenge together. Our tutors can conduct lessons in several languages, and we can even introduce multiple tutors to cover multiple subjects.

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​Your Tutor as Your Sidekick

Kokusaba’s approach to supplemental education is one of support and companionship, not simply additional instruction. Our tutors' first and foremost goal is to create a comfortable, open-minded learning environment where your child can freely express their thoughts and understand not only what they are learning in school, but also why it is important.

Close Coordination with Your School 

By consulting with your school and your teachers regarding course content, future schedules, and long-term objectives, our tutors can craft their lessons to perfectly complement what is already being taught in class. Instead of creating unrelated assignments that only add to the workload, our tutors keep your child's learning fun, relevant, and meaningful.

Our small size and specific focus on international students help us operate with a high level of flexibility and efficiency. This means that the date, length, and location of each lesson can be customized to fit your child's schedule. It also lets us take a much smaller cut from our lesson fees for operational costs, giving you higher quality instruction at a much fairer price.

Our Specialized Focus Makes Us Flexible

Lesson Fee Structure

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We believe it is important for your child to be able to test the waters and make sure their new Kokusaba tutor is a great fit for them. That's why we offer a one-hour free Trial Lesson with every tutor we introduce. Only when you are completely satisfied do we proceed to paid lessons, and there are no extra enrollment fees. Lessons can be held anytime, anywhere.

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In-Person Lessons

In the comfort of your home or school.

Cafe Lessons

Meet up at a nearby cafe.

Online Lessons

For students living outside Tokyo or overseas.

In-Person Lessons and Cafe Lessons are available to students in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Your tutor's transportation costs will be charged separately.

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